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The foundation of Lien Tran'sFormNation  is based on Breath centering and rejuvenational discipline.
It teaches individuals awareness - how to connect to his/her breath while developing flexibility, strength, and balance  in the body.  People are learning how to live in their bodies better, longer.  "We are given only one body in our lifetime.  It is up to us to take care of it."  Our emotional and mental states of being directly affect our physical condition.  Living in harmony with our  mind, body, spirit, and environment leads to health, happiness and inner peace.
Lien Tran-Doan has been a healer and body worker all of her life.   Born first-generation American to emigrant parents from Vietnam, she grew up in the Midwest with both Eastern and Western medicines. She later lived on the East Coast, and then returned back to the Midwest to establish her life in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.   It wasn't until she became more educated that she realized most people did not live with this kind of natural integration of health, wellness, and medicine.  Feeling very fortunate to have access to both, she chose to expand her knowledge and understanding of the various medicines and practices of healing of the world, and then to share it with all.
When Lien was a little girl, she recalls her mother's friends visiting and having her sit on the their laps and placing her hand over their chest, back, on their head or stomach, areas where they had pain.  Whether conscious of it or not, some kind of healing was taking place.  Oftentimes when Lien removed her hand, there would be a small hand print from the heat that was emitted from her hand.  And each time, the person felt better.  Headaches and stomachaches would dissipate.
Lien's hands-on practical experience began at age 15 in a Jewish nursing home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. There she worked with those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.  She studied Rutgers University and  later worked in the field of chiropractic in Bloomington, MN.  Lien continued her work with the elderly and then with the developmentally challenged while continuing on her quest for knowledge and application.  She spent over ten years with some of the most amazing people caring for them. Helife's passion is providing education, instruction, and healing for all.  Lien Tran'sFormNation utilizes modalities and teachings from various sources around the world to enhance every healing session with each recipient.  It is to be experienced.  

She apprenticed in traditional Medical Thai Healing Therapy with Papriorn (Orn) Chakkapark in St. Louis Park, MN for six years.   Ms. Chakkapark who is from Thailand, teaches the practice retaining the healing tradition it was founded in. She is now back in Thailand studying with the Thai Buddhist monks
It was brought from India to Thailand over 2500 years ago by the Father of Thai Medicine Chivaka Komarapat.  This traditional  style of bodywork includes the use of hands, feet, knees, and elbows.  Upon occasion Thai balm (similar to Tiger Balm) and/or herbal compresses may also be used during sessions to facilitate or assist in the healing process;  for example, to reduce inflammation.  The recipient is an active participant in the healing process and the individual remains fully clothed.  It is advised that s/he is dressed comfortably in loose fitting clothing that will allow for movement of the body.  This is not a passive session but one that requires participation and an openness for education.
This has been a very beneficial addition to Lien's knowledge base and healing practice of Lien Tran'sFormNation.  It is used for the treatment of chronic pain and dis-ease of the body including migraines, accidents, injuries, sports-related and other physical conditions.
Lien also includes the use of sound, vibrations, herbs/herbal compresses and pure therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils whenever possible.  The beneficial results from the use of such oils dates back to Biblical times.  In her own experience, the use of  rose geranium, lavender, and chamomile help to greatly relax and reduce discomfort during a woman's moon cycle and induces restful sleep.
Children are her driving force.  Her philosophy includes the belief and understanding that "all the world's children are my children".  We are here to guide and protect.  It is our duty.  Humanity.
My business is based on the knowledge and understanding that healing is for all.  The knowledge is to be shared and passed on.  I am merely a vessel here to share with as many as possible.  It is up to each individual to apply the information that is shared and pass it on.  
"Do this for your Self and for no one else.  It is your breath you are connecting to.  It is your life.  When you have connected to your breath, you will feel how we are all connected.  It is each one's own journey."
We are all healers whether through art, music, film, written/spoken words, living our daily lives...Each individual who trusts me to share the healing must also know that they are teaching me something as well. It is that full circle of exchange that brings on the true healing.  The needs of each individual is of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs to the best of my ability. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.
Lien Tran'sFormNation welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best in healing therapies.
Location:                            Phone: (612) 598-0536
Schmidt Artist Lofts
9ooW. 7th Street
St. Paul, MN 55102
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